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Featured College UC Davis takes Section 8 in Solano Apartments, on-campus family housing. Supports College Moms and Student Parents on campus.


College Mom Savannah Slone

 Savannah Slone, graduate student at Lindenwood University: When I was seventeen-years-old and three months shy of graduating high school, I found out that I was pregnant. I had already been struggling with whether or not college was the path for me.  

Featured College: University of California at Davis

UC Davis was a featured college in a 2007 issue of College Mom Magazine, not only for its stellar academics, but for ample family housing (they take Section 8), subsidized child care and support for college moms

Where They Are Now

Rebecca Trotsky-Sirr was featured in a 2008 issue of College Mom Magazine, then a college mom at Stanford. After attending med school in the midwest and receiving a Fulbright to Venezuela, she is now an M.D. at LAC and USC Medical Center.

Photo by Elise Radtke Rosen


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