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Avoid College Scams

Some On Line Colleges Prey on Student Parents


Be careful of on line colleges that may not be accredited but make big promises. They may take your Pell grant and state grant money and have you sign papers which are loans. Some of these schools have very high tuition especially when compared to state colleges. If you want an on line college, first check out your local state college. Most of them have classes on line.  

 For example:

If you are interested in majoring in criminal justice or forensic psychology. one of the best colleges in the country is John Jay College, part of the City University of New York System. The in state tuition is about $7,000 a year. 

 If you go to on line Phoenix University, the tuition for a four year criminal justice degree is $65,497 for four years. Many on line colleges go out of business and leave you with nothing.

 Be very careful in choosing any on line college. It does not make sense to pay such high tuition when the State supported college offers so much more, including prestige, accreditation and a degree to be proud of!

On line Colleges you can trust:

Your state colleges have low tuition and many have on line classes.