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College Mom Savannah Slone


 When I was seventeen-years-old and three months shy of graduating high school, I found out that I was pregnant. I had already been struggling with whether or not college was the path for me. When the plus sign appeared on that hunk of fate determining plastic, I felt a shift within my soul. My life and my future needed stability, as it was no longer just my life. The motivation and focus that I was seeking came in an unexpected form: my beautiful, life-changing son, Oliver.

Starting at a Everett Community College

I worked four part-time jobs and earned by bachelor’s degree completely online through Everett Community College and, transferred with my A.A. to Central Washington University. I worked and studied, as I prepared to become the young, single mom that I soon grew into. 

Perserverance: A Degree from Central Washington University

When I was finishing my A.A. degree, my 18-month-old was diagnosed with ASD (autism spectrum disorder). Balancing his therapy, school, and supporting the two of us, made for very trying times. Getting a degree is not an easy journey and motherhood can make furthering one’s education seem impossible.

Advice to College Moms

 To young moms who are considering getting a degree, I applaud you and wish you all the luck and strength in the world. There are grants and financial aid available for those in need, so it is, in fact, possible. While it isn’t for everyone, it can be a door opening opportunity for you and your child. I grew so much as a person while getting my degree and am grateful to be able to be a role model for my son and offer him a comfortable life. With a foundation of dedication and love, anyone can achieve their goals. Even a mom.  

Graduate School

Savannah Slone is now a graduate student at Lindenwood University.