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Apply. Apply. Apply.

Check with the Scholarship Office at your State or Local College


One Scholarship Office told us that they offer 20 scholarships for transfer students, but only 6 students applied. Do not assume you are not eligible. If you meet the criteria for applying, apply for all scholarships that the university has listed on their website.

Beware of scholarship scams. Never pay money to apply for a scholarship and never give your social security number. It is safer to work with the scholarship office at your college so you can be sure all the scholarships are legitimate.

 I give a scholarship at John Jay College for students who began their adult life as teenage parents. One year no one applied! ----Katherine Arnoldi

Writing Your Personal Statement


  •  Be sure to list you accomplishments, awards and  community service on your personal statement, along with your major and future goals. The personal statement allows the college to know who you are. Tell them about your life and struggles, too, but always focus on how you have overcome obstacles more than the obstacles themselves.